Belizar Miloš

My name is Belizar Miloš and I was born in Zagreb and I spent the days of my early youth in the Zagreb neighborhood of Trnje.

Since both my parents worked at the Esplanade Hotel (my mother as a housekeeping supervisor and my father as a concierge), from the early days there was a certain connection to the profession that I later chose for my life vocation.

The crucial moment for deciding what to do in life was when my father asked me:"Son, you are at a great crossroads in life: You have to decide if you want to go to high school and know that after it you have 4 more years of schooling or vocational school after which you immediately start working, and with the will and commitment you will quickly become independent and with your own hands acquire what you want "

Then I decided to enroll in the Catering and Hotel Education Center ...

Since I attended practical classes at the Esplanade during my schooling and proved to be a person who has a sense and talent for cooking, after finishing school I got a job as a chef-scientist. My first position was to serve guests at the buffet table, but since I worked in our best and most esteemed hotel and had a desire for more knowledge, I returned almost every other evening to the hotel for various banquets, banquets, weddings and soaked up everything I could. seen.

During my career, I had four mentors and teachers. During the Esplanade, I learned from the best and most recognized chefs in Croatia, Kruno Veličan, Mario Starman and Ivica Štruml. And the fourth is one of the most respected and most distinctive caterers and chefs in Croatia, Antun Matković-Car, who passed on his knowledge to me in the restaurant Lucullus - Hvar.

After Hvar, I am launching a project - the Agava restaurant located in Zagreb in Tkalčićeva Street. We started with the concept that is the most common and most profitable in Italy, and that is trattoria or in translation - a place where you can eat original pasta, risotto, meat or fish steak, but also pizza.
But, unfortunately, how is it the type of facility was literally "defiled" with various facilities whose only goal was profit, not quality, we were not competitive as we had a higher quality and more expensive product.

I have always been guided by the fact that the call of us caterers is not only to "feed", but to superbly serve and make the guest happy, but also to educate him. I will quote August Escoffier, the man who is credited with the postulates, professional expressions, terms, culinary techniques, and concept of the work of any serious kitchen: "Good food is the foundation of sincere happiness."

Therefore, over time and gradually we raised the bar, invested in staff and business, and believed in our goal. Today, the restaurant is listed by the profession and relevant critics among the top 10 in Zagreb and 20 in Croatia. The restaurant is also internationally recognized and awarded a Michelin recommendation and a recommendation in the Gault & Millau guide.

Did you know?

The last Tkalča bridge (Blood bridge) was brought down in 1899. Today, there's a street near by carrying that name.

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