Tkalčićeva ulica is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful streets in the city of Zagreb. In summer, on the terraces, which stretch down the street, you can see many foreign guests as well as domestic ones cheerfully murmur, and the main star of Tkalčićeva Street, our Marija Jurić Zagorka, greets winter just as cheerfully, which draws this street into a magical world. . This street has changed its appearance throughout the history of the city, so there used to be a stream surrounded by greenery, vegetation and mills. It was only with the growth of industry that the stream was redirected and Tkalčić finally got its name at the beginning of the 20th century. Walking through the popular "Tkalča" we enjoy the spirit of the past left to us by the old people of Zagreb, and yet we immerse ourselves in the modern spirit of everyday life. That is why Tkalčićeva Street has a soul. Somewhere in the middle of the street, at house number 39, there is also the Agava restaurant.

This restaurant has been a gathering place for passionate and loyal gourmets for many years. One, two, three steps ... and here we are in the world of colors, music and delicacies that Agava offers with a beautiful view of Tkalčićeva Street. In summer, you can relax on the "green terrace" and discover the true charm of this restaurant. Tables placed on different levels certainly give this place a sympathetic tone. However, above all, this restaurant stands out with its excellent offer and it is no wonder that many gastronomes and sincere connoisseurs of food consider Agava and chef Belizar Miloš to be the best in the city of Zagreb. When you enter the wonderful world of various kitchen philosophies and really pay attention to every dish of the Agave menu, you will understand why everything has been written so far - completely justified. With the food they serve at Agave, there is no need to dream of deluxe destinations and ecstatic flavor combinations. In Agava you can taste all the beauties of the Mediterranean, from France, through Italy to Croatia. Many dishes exude an atmosphere of a combination of sea and continent, but each of them has an interesting "twist" which makes them a recognizable part of Agave's menu. What definitely makes this restaurant stand out is the truly unique offer, based on quality and fresh ingredients with interesting fusions of taste. Therefore, it is worth talking a little about what Agava has to offer us.

Let's start with the appetizers, where a few things catch the eye. These are primarily the famous Ligurian Taggiasche olives, which are usually ideal with aperitifs, added to sauces or accompanied by main dishes of fish and meat. Caviar made from balsamic vinegar gives a special note to the areas of the Italian flair, which is definitely worth trying. Agave does not deviate from the classic French roots, so you can also find the famous onion soup or Foie Gras with the usual French components such as pears and almonds.

What immediately attracts interest is the offer of Slavonian black pig meat, karea in combination with beluga lentils and intense ginger and pear jam. The black Slavonian pig is a Croatian autochthonous breed, which feeds on cereals, pumpkins, clover and acorns, which makes the meat extremely high quality with a high content of intramuscular fat. Isn't that enough for you? What if you see that you can eat a steak of Croatian Simmental cattle here? Only then will you understand what we are talking about and why this restaurant is worth a visit. Dry ripening refers to the treatment of meat, which is placed in special chambers, in order to extract as much water as possible, all to emphasize the taste, but to make the meat even softer. Dry aging is difficult to do at home because the pieces of meat must be aged in controlled conditions, ie at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees with a certain humidity and air flow. so you have to visit Tkalčićeva 39 and climb all 39 steps to this extraordinary piece of meat.

However, the restaurant would not be good if it did not have a Mediterranean accent, so it is definitely worth mentioning the seafood offer, which is worth tasting the Adriatic fillet of salted fish and salmon fillet.

We must not forget the extraordinary wine list, for which Darko Lugarić, the multi-award winning Sommelier, is responsible. Our professionally trained staff pays attention to every detail about pairing food and wine and olive oil. If we have not revealed enough reasons for you to visit this gastro-hideaway, then all that remains is to add that there are no clocks in the restaurant so you can completely escape from stress. Remember those stairs from the beginning of the text? There are exactly 39 of them, but even if there are ten times as many, it will not be difficult for you to pull up to Tkalčićeva 39 and immerse yourself in Agava's world of tastes and smells.

Did you know?

The last Tkalča bridge (Blood bridge) was brought down in 1899. Today, there's a street near by carrying that name.

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